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Her Heirloom is on Pinterest only at this point. Once I get more of a following, I will add a Facebook page. I don't do Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. You only "need" so many social media outlets! I have gardening to do!

Product Features 

Her Heirloom would love to review your product! I've been known to be a "reviewer" among my friends & family, & can't wait to connect with you. I will share my honest opinion about the product with my readers. 


Her Heirloom can host giveaways that fit with my blog style. 

Sponsored Post

Her Heirloom accepts paid sponsored posts to promote businesses that match the blog's style. I will share my honest opinion about the business or product with my readers.  Sponsor links and images will be used in the sponsored post. Please email for pricing inquiries.