Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Goulash: Classic, Simple, & One of the Easiest Recipes Ever

Is goulash a Minnesota thing? 

Probably not. 

Who cares? It's delicious. Actually, I'm very curious about where this recipe originated. Google said Hungary, but it's not the same. The world may never know.

It's literally one of the easiest recipes I have in my repertoire. 

I just Googled "repertoire" so many times, because I could not get the spelling right. And after reading the definition, it doesn't even make sense in the way I used the word. But I don't care, because that's the word that came to mind when I typed out that sentence. Granted, it was horribly misspelled.

I don't make it too often, as it was one of those things Jim's mom made for supper too often when he was a kid. He says he can only tolerate it about once a month at most. Not because it ain't delicious, but because he's ate enough to feed a whale for a lifetime. 

Did I just down-sell the recipe I'm about to share? Maybe. Hope not. Stick with me.

This recipe is perfect for the lass/lad who's looking for a super easy-to-make dish, with common ingredients, but great taste! 

1 pound ground beef (I used venison!)
16 ounces elbow macaroni
56 ounces crushed tomatoes
basil, garlic salt, parsley, & ground pepper

1. Cook your elbow noodles in a pot in boiling water until they are done. Set aside. 
2. Brown your ground beef (or venison or pork or turkey) in the same pot. 
3. Add in the cooked noodles and remaining ingredients. 
4. Stir well & let it simmer until it's heated through. ENJOY!
5. You could also add chopped onion, red pepper flakes... go crazy. Dress this little lady however you'd like. Jim likes to add a bit of shredded cheese to his bowl. I've topped mine with chopped green onion... the possibilities are endless, ya know. 

My parents did not cook much growing up. I mean, hardly ever! I guess that made for self-reliant kids ;) 
But when they did cook for the family, goulash was one of the most made meals in our house. And I've never grown tired of it! 
And I just ate 2 bowls before typing this out, and I am FULL. But I'm already excited to have some leftovers tomorrow - woohoo! 

Questions for you:
1. What was the most made meal in your home growing up?
2. Did you eat goulash growing up?


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