Monday, February 20, 2017

An Easy & Healthy Valentine

Honestly, I love Valentine's Day. I really do. I used to try to be all "cool" and "nonchalant" & say I hated it but, really, I've always loved it. I mean, it's a holiday. It's another reason to celebrate something good, in a world of chaos. It's fun for me to see little cut-out heart garlands hanging in the school. It's fun for me to wear red & pink all week. It's fun for me to see all the different kinds of Valentine's cards. It's fun to see all the Valentine's boxes at school. It's fun to have a reason to bake something for James, decorated in red or pink sprinkles or frosting, or heart-shaped. 

Some people "hate" it because they believe it's a commercial holiday. Yeah, well, it doesn't have to be. I mean, I usually make something like chocolate chip cookies for James. I already have the ingredients at home, so why not especially make them on Valentine's Day to celebrate the day of love?

I make my friends little cards & mail them. Yes, stamps cost money, but we already have them in the house for other reasons, & aren't all friends worth a mailed letter every now & then, expressing your gratitude & love for them? More than just on Valentine's Day do I send my friends a sweet note in the mail. It's just, on Valentine's Day, the card is red & pink & covered in hearts & cute little sayings :)

And what is so wrong with getting flowers for your sweetie? James buys me flowers, randomly, all the time. It's just on Valentines day, they are usually red and/or pink! 

Point is, you don't have to spend unnecessary money on V-day if you don't want to. It's only a "business money-making holiday" if we let it be.  

So, on Valentine's Day this year, I decided that my Valentines at work would be Cuties! I love love love Cuties. They are my favorite fruit! And instead of taking the time to write out a bunch of cards & figure out a way to attach said cards to said Cuties, I put them in a basket with one card! So easy & quick. 

James & I had a sweet dinner that evening, too. I cleaned the entire main level, lit a candle or two in each room, & made dinner. I made a big batch of spaghetti with garlic toast. For dessert, I made brownies and Jim brought home a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake. We consumed way too much sugar that night...
We ended our evening with two sappy chick flicks & called it a night! And we loved every minute. 

What did you do on Valentines this year?


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