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Gift Ideas for the Impossible Man [Farmer/Trapper/Construction Worker]


I'm dating the Impossible Man.

He's a farmer, a trapper, a construction worker, a tool man, an old truck guy, a hunter, & one of those "buys-everything-he-needs" men. He is, by far, the hardest person on my list to shop for. AND he's picky. Not in a mean way, just... he likes what he likes. Every year I struggle with what to get him for Christmas. 

Now, I know that gifts are so little in meaning compared to what God did for us; sending His son to all of us as a gift! Jesus is the reason for the season. It is His birthday, & a celebration of God sending us His son, who would eventually die for us to live eternally. What a gift! Nothing will ever come light years close to how precious that is. 

With that in mind, don't stress too much about what to gift your fella. Although we appreciate our guys & all that they do for us, we already have the ultimate gift. And if your guy is as wonderful as mine, he will understand that, too. 

Now, here are some gift ideas for that "Impossible Man" on your list!

1. Clothes

Now, this one may seem obvious, but sometimes those "Impossible Men" buy everything for themselves but clothes. I know my fella does. He will wear shirts with grease stains & holes in them & think nothing of it. Granted, he gets very dirty at work & in the shop, so it's no big deal, but still. New, fresh clothing is always nice. Here are some ideas:
  • Thermal Pants or Under Shirts: these are always nice for cold weather zones like here in Minnesota. Even if he wears his bibs every where, he still can throw on some thermals under his jeans for when he goes to church or on a night out. 
  • Sweatshirts: My fella has a ton of sweatshirts, but he can always use new ones that don't have stains or rips on them. I love getting Jim, my dad, & my brother a sweatshirt from Menards. Around here, this is thee man store. Heck, I even love the place. No joke, it is my favorite store. But they have Menards sweatshirts there & sometimes they go on sale. Last year, I paid $4.99 per sweatshirt, after the rebate. 
  • Nice Church Shirts: You can go several ways here. Long-sleeve button-up, short-sleeve button-up, long-sleeve thermal shirt, a nice sweater, or a polo shirt. Jim is not a polo-shirt kind-of-guy, so I don't have much of a choice there. He does love these that I bought him at Wal-Mart: Long-Sleeve Thermal Top,  Long Sleeve Button Down Wrangler Top.
  • Farm Clothes: I am sure Jim, my dad, & my brother would love this top, this top, or this top from Wal-Mart. (These are so going on my list next year.) 
  •  Jeans: You could go for work jeans, nice jeans, or fleece-lined jeans. Jim likes the relaxed-fit Wranglers from Wal-Mart or the fleece-lined jeans from Menards.
  • Winter Gear:   
    • How about a nice Carhartt Jacket from your local farm store? 
    • Or a Camo Jacket from Menards? (Jim really loves this one - so much so, that he bought 3.) 
    • Or some nice Insulated Bib Overalls for the winter months? (Jim loves getting these from a local farm store. Menards also has some nice ones.)  
    • These gloves are a HUGE HIT with Jim, my dad, my brother, Jim's grandma, Jim's grandpa, my boss, Jim's uncles, Jim's dad, Jim's entire family... they are SO WARM & long! I even love them when snowmobiling or scraping my car off. 
    • My mom got this headgear for Jim for Christmas this year. He will use this all winter long. It's great also for the reason that these headgear's are made locally!
    • A stocking cap featuring a local business is always good. Jim likes his stocking caps from his work, with their logo on them. But my dad likes Minnesota Vikings ones. 
    • Boots. Jim has these ones. His mama got them for him about 5 years ago. He has worn the heck out of them & needs a new pair soon, but boy are they spendy. 
    • Thermal Wool Socks. We usually buy ours at Menards, but you can find them at Wal-Mart, Fleet Farm, or any local farm store. I even seen some at Menards over the weekend that are battery powered! I thought about getting them for myself - they were on sale at $4.99 a pair. 
  • Underwear: Cause what man doesn't need new drawers every now & then? Or white undershirts? Or socks? (Jim loves these socks from Sam's Club.) 
  • A Nice Tie or Bowtie: Jim doesn't wear either of these, but my brother needs a new tie every now & again. It's a nice stocking stuffer! I also buy a tie sometimes for my boss. I get him either the school colors or a Vikings colored tie.
  • Baseball Hat: Most fellas around here get their hats at their favorite farm stores or from work, but my dad likes a nice Vikings or John Deere or White Tractor hat every year or so. 
  • Shoes or Boots: My dad & Jim like these every day shoes from Wal-Mart. They are cheap enough to buy about twice a year, as Jim wears them out that often. Jim likes these boots from Wal-Mart as well. Again, they are cheap enough to replace about twice a year. We don't bother buying nicer boots, as Jim has paid $100 for a pair & they still wear out about as fast as those Wal-Mart ones.
2. Tools

Now, don't fear! I know tools are a very picky thing for men. Trust me. My man is pretty picky. He does not like Snap-On (he calls them "Snap-Off") & he already has one of every tool imaginable (at least, it seems that way.) Jim's all-time, never-fail, favorite tool store is Harbor Freight. They sell nearly every tool imaginable but, best of all, most (maybe all) the tools have a lifetime warranty. This means, that the tool can snap in half or break off or stop working & they will replace it. For free. (Now, I would double check that the tool you are buying comes with this. It should say in the description or on the box.) I have braved the tool gift every year with much success, & I have a few suggestions.
  •  A Multi-Position Ladder: I got Jim one of these last year at Menards. (It was this one, or something similar to it. Maybe this one.) I got him the tallest, multi-position ladder at the store that day & they were on sale. I paid $127.00 for a 22' Type 1A ladder. "Type 1A" means that it is extra heavy duty professional use. Anyways, I shocked him when he seen this gift, as I didn't think he knew that I knew to get him something like this. He uses it the most, out of all his ladders. I even use it several times a year. It folds into different heights, and can be used on the stairs.   
  • Wrenches: Jim probably has over 200 wrenches. But he insists he doesn't have enough. I suppose he needs every size in his shop, another set of every size in his truck, and another set of every size in his dump truck. Like women with shoes, men can't have enough wrenches. And one time, as he was working on his Lull, his was cursing the fact that he didn't have wrenches over an inch and a half. I took note of this on my phone using Google Keep, and got him a set this year. I had them shipped to my work so he wouldn't see them at home. Boy, the box was heavy! But I cannot wait to see his face when I shock him again with some tools that he needs.
  • Angle Grinder: My fella has been shopping around for a new welder lately &, although he hasn't chosen one yet, I Googled "gifts for a welder." I found a forum that a bunch of guys were chatting on, & they said a man can never have enough angle grinders. I mentally kept this note in mind. Then, one day at Menards, we seen some angle grinders on sale. Jim said "I could use one of those, but I'll get mine at Harbor Freight." So I saved him the hassle & ordered him this one for $14.99. While I was at it, I ordered him some angle grinder wheels for a stocking stuffer. No clue if they are what he needs, but he got them anyways. I wrapped them & put them in his stocking. He felt the stocking the other day & goes "Those feel like grinder wheels." I replied "What the hell are grinder wheels?" So he has no clue I am one step ahead of him. Thank you, acting skills. 
  • Adjustable Shade Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet: Last year, I have Jim a Harbor Freight gift card, but I told him he needed to use it to buy a Welding Helmet. I knew he needed one, as he had mentioned it several times. He got this one & loves it. 
  • OBD Scan Tool: I got Jim a gift card one year for O'Reilly Auto Store. It is his favorite, local, auto store. I knew he wanted a "Car Scanner" so I told him he should go buy himself one with the card. I don't see the exact one on their website, but this one is at Harbor Freight & looks really nice.  You plug this thing into your car & it tells you why this light is on (like your check engine light). I'm sure there is a fancier (better) way of saying it, but there you go. My dad has even mentioned wanting one.
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum: Most people know these as "Shop Vacs." I got Jim one a few years ago & we both use the heck out of it. He uses it in the shop, I use it when vacuuming out my car. Here is a nice one from Harbor Freight. (We got ours at Fleet Farm, I believe.) 
  • Reciprocating Saw: I'll be honest here; I use this twice as much as Jim does. But when he needs it, he needs it. I use it to saw through nails on pallet boards. He uses it for... everything else. We have this one.  You can buy some replacement saw blades for stocking stuffers, too.
  • Air Nailer: Another great tool is an Air Nailer. I am beginning to use this more & more, & I know Jim uses it, too. It's great for nailing wood pieces together. We have this one.  
  • Heavy Duty Floor Jack: Jim already has at least two floor jacks, so he doesn't need another (well, who knows, maybe he does) but my dad asked for this from my mom last year. Jim helped her pick one out, but I think it was this one.  
  • Palm Sander: I cannot help but laugh as I add this tool to the list. Yes, Jim uses it in the shop, but we have found a much better use for it. Two winters ago, I hurt my back. I was in severe pain. Jim felt helpless, but he sorted through his redneck thoughts & grabbed his palm sander from the garage. He took the sand paper off, plugged the sander in, flipped the on switch, & massaged my back with it. Man oh man. One of the best home massages ever. It took away my pain, even for just a little while. But, weird uses aside, he does use this for what it is made for. I even use it to sand down pallet projects. We have one similar to this one.  
  • Portable Power Pack with Jump Starter: Jim does not have one of these, but our good friend Jake does, & I have witnessed it work for jump starting a car.  I may have to do some investigating as to whether or not Jim would want one. 
  • Miter Saw Stand: We were in Menards yesterday & Jim commented that he wants one of these.  If he doesn't buy himself one, I will be getting him this next Christmas or maybe for his August birthday. 
  • Propane Torch: My guy & his dad use these torches for lighting their wood stoves or lighting the burning barrel. It's so much better than fumbling with matches or flicking an 88 cent lighter to death. Jim even says "you can light a straight piece of wood with this, no paper or kindling needed." I am not sure my dad has one. I should look into that for next Christmas. Anyways, Jim never thought he needed one until he got one, & loves it. He's been on the same small tank (that it comes with) for over a year. Jim bought his dad this one this year. 
  • Pressure Washer: I have not gotten one for Jim yet, but I know he wants one. They are spendy - around $350. And I'm sure he wants the one with the most PSI, like this one.  
  • Generator: Another big buy gift would be a generator. I have not gotten one for Jim, but we have mentioned getting one, as we live out in the country, & when the power goes out out here, it goes out for awhile. Maybe something like this? But I am sure I'll need a more expensive one. 
  • Loading Ramps: If your feller has a truck & hauls things like lawn mowers or four wheelers, EVER, then I'm sure he could use some ramps. Jim uses his all the time. 
  • Under-Car Creeper: I got Jim a creeper for his birthday not long ago. He uses it to roll under cars & work on them. I got mine at Aldi for under $20, but other tool places sell them.
I could go on forever about tools that he uses all the time, but I tell you this: just go on Harbor Freight's website. They have so many things to see & look at, you'll find something. Check out their ad for ideas!

3. A Waterproof/Fireproof Safe

Whether it's a small one like this, or a big one like this, a man can always use a safe.  

4. Recreational Gifts
  •  ATV Cargo Rack: If your guy has an ATV & wants to haul things with it, get him one of these. Jim got one in the Summer & loves having it. 
  • ATV Seat: If your guy has an ATV & has people ride with him, like you or his kids, get him one of these.  We don't have one, but we really should. We have talked about getting one for years now, & I would have bought one by now, but I feel like the gift would be more for me, than him ;)
  •  Rifle, Shotgun, or Handgun: Jim buys these on his own, but if you know what he wants, get him one. Guns are always nice to have for hunting & protection. 
  • Living Social or Groupon Gift: Would your guy like to fly a plane? Or soar above the waves in a water jet-pack? How about skydive, or drive a race car? Would he like to see a play, show, or concert? How about a football game? How about tour a brewery, a museum, or winery? Maybe a Murder Mystery dinner or a Puzzle Room? A Couples Massage, anyone? Check out Living Social or Groupon for some cool activity gift ideas.
  • Fishing Pole: I got my guy a new pole for his bday. He thinks it's great! And for the winter months, I got him some tip-ups. 
5. Media & Electronics
  •  Jim drives an old Ford pickup that only plays cassette tapes. I find them on Ebay for dirt cheap. He likes bands like Creedance Clearwater, George Thorogood & the Destroyers, Bob Segar, The Traveling Wilbury's, Tom Petty, & more. These make an awesome stocking stuffer!
  • When he as spare time, he likes to flip through interesting books. This is a rarity, but books are also nice for when you are on flights or on vacation in general. Jim loves history books, or books about haunted places in Minnesota. This year, I got him American Sniper to go in his stocking.  
  • Jim likes these old-timer movies that you haven't heard of in ages, or haven't heard of at all. One year, I got him Mr. Majestyk. Another year I got him Over the Top.  We just watched The Surviving Game this Summer, & he likes that movie. He also mentioned wanting American Sniper on DVD, but this one is new enough to be on VidAngel for $1 each time you watch it. 
  • Some VidAngel credits! Seriously, it's only $1 a day to watch a movie from their loooooong list of flicks. From new releases to some older stuff, they have plenty to choose from. Check them out & use my referral link here ;)
  • Does your fella beat on his cell phone like my fella does? Seriously, my guy is always dropping his or breaking it somehow. How about a new cell phone? I should have done this this year for him, but I spent enough on the man. We have Cricket Wireless & the phone he gets is only about $30. It's cheap but he likes it, even though he goes through about 1 a year. 
  • A new phone case would be a perfect stocking stuffer for your guy! Which is exactly what is in Jim's stocking this year. I just ordered him a cheap one off Ebay for less than $6.00.
  • Wireless Headphones. I got a pair for my guy this year. He may not use them often, but I know he'll use them when he needs them. Maybe on the flight to Mexico? Maybe he'll even learn to use them while driving, as they also have a mic so he can hear and talk. I should get a pair for my brother... I got a pair for my sister and I have been using these for about 2 weeks now & love them. What a nice feature to not have to be plugged in all the time! I got them at Menards for $7.99 on sale. They work great!
  • A new stereo. I need to find him one that still plays cassettes & CDs. He loves jamming out in the garage while working on stuff. His stereo has seen way, way better days. 
6. Random & Miscellaneous Things

  • Meat. Yup, meat. Get him some nice, thick-cut bacon, or some dried beef from a local meat market. How about some pork chops or steak? Beef sticks or jerky are a great idea, too. We get our jerky from A & J Meat Processing in Belview, MN. It's a small shop, but their jerky is THE BEST. They ship, too!
  • Cheese. Yup, cheese. Jim also loves some good, from-the-deli cheese. He loves himself some Swiss or Munster. He really loves cheese curds from Ellsworth Creamery. They also ship!
  • A photo book. Yes, he may only look at it a handful of times a year, but if it's filled with memories he loves, he will love it. I do one every year Jim goes trapping. It means a lot to him. 
  • A family tree book. How cool would it be to do a bunch of research, dig into his families past, & present him this awesome family tree book? It could have stories & pictures... but most importantly, he can flip through the pages of his past. 
  • Lottery Tickets. I used to put some in his stocking, but I think they're a waste of money, as I have zero luck. But they are a good idea for the lucky man in your life!
  • An Alarm Clock. Yup, I bought my fella an alarm clock one year. He has an alarm on his phone, but the extra alarm helps him get up in the wee hours of the morning. 
  • A blanket. Jim has one in his truck. He sits on it as a seat protector, but he also uses it when he's trapping & sleeping in his vehicle. I got him a huge camo comforter for snuggling around the house, too. It's huge & super soft. For only $40.99, you can get this awesome blanket that we love using for chilly nights. 
  • Trail Cam: One year, I got Jim a trail cam. He uses it for watching what comes & goes on his property. He even sets it up when we go on vacation to make sure we catch anyone stealing anything, if that were to happen. They are great for your hunter guy. 
  • Farm Gloves: Does your farmer need some gloves? Jim, my dad, & my brother all go through farm gloves like they were paper towels. So useful.
  • Garden Tiller: We garden. A lot. And Jim loves having a tiller. My grandpa passed one down to Jim when he passed away, but if you need one, this would be a great gift.
  • Magazine Subscription: My dude is like a kid in a candy store when his monthly Trapper & Predator Caller magazine comes in. 
  • Stainless Steel Tumbler: I have one from Healthy Human & it is the best thing I have ever drank out of. 
  • Red Copper Pan: Jim bought one for me (as a joke), but if your man loves to cook, the Red Copper Pan is amazing. The commercials are actually right on this one. 
  • Grill: One of these years, I need to get him a new grill. Aldi has one for sale every summer!
  • Boot Dryer: Another item Jim will get soon. He has one, it's just broke. We seen this one at Menard's & it looks perfect. 
  • Haircut Kit: I use it to cut his hair, but he also uses it to trim his beard. I haven't seen that guy use a razor since he got this thing. Here's one similar to ours. Or you can buy him a nice razor, if he prefers a close shave. 
  • Binoculars: If you live on a farm, they are nice to have. 
  • Coffee Mugs: My dad loves humorous ones. 
  • Mini Crock Pot: If your guy doesn't have access to a microwave but wants a warm lunch, get him one of these. I have one & it. is. amazing. 
  • Cooler: Every man needs a place to put his beer when he's on the go.
  • Lunch Pail: An insulated lunch pail is a nice thing to have. 
  • Beard Oil: Make him some beard oil!
  • Miracle Salve: Or make him some Miracle Salve!
  • Board Game: Jim loves playing Chinese Checkers or Aggravation. His dad loves Trouble! There are some fun-looking ones at Wal-Mart like Deer in the Headlights.
  • Heater: Keep your fella warm with a nice heater. We got an oil one from Wal-Mart & it helps with the heating bill. Or you can buy one for his shop. 
  • Weed Whacker: We got a Stihl Weed Whacker from a local farm store. Jim loves weed-whippin'!
  • Treats: Fill his stocking with homemade treats like fudge, Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels, chocolate-covered almonds, & more! We love cocoa almonds or coconut cashews from Aldi. 

Alright, I think I have given PLENTY of ideas. This blog took me hours to write, but I am wrappin' it up, ya'll. If you have any questions or are still at a loss for what to get your man, comment below & I will do my best to help you out! I can even ask my farmer fella to give some advice if you're really struggling. 

If all else fails, just take him to a cool movie & out to eat at a manly restaurant. If he's that hard to shop for, then just be open about it & maybe suggests no gift giving! As long as you have him & he has you, & the good Lord is watching over us, all will be swell. 

Wishing you peace & love this Christmas season,

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