Thursday, December 15, 2016

Costa Rica Recap : Post 9 : San Joaquin

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Wow. I cannot believe I am writing my LAST post about Costa Rica. It took me a whole year to finish writing about this 2-week vacation (hello, new farm!) but I'm here. I'm at my last post. Ya know, I've really come to love writing these posts about this trip. It makes me re-look at all the photos & a flood of memories come rolling through my brain. It's been a wonderful year, I'll say that!

So, after being in the middle of the country at the start of our trip, to the west coast, back to the middle, & over to the east coast, it makes sense to end the trip BACK in the middle of the country. We wanted our last night to be near the airport, so we booked this place for one night.  Seriously, check this place out on Airbnb. Even if you don't plan on going to Costa Rica, still, check it out. It was an amazing home-away-from-home, city-oasis. It was JUST what we needed to settle down & prepare for some long flights home.  I highly recommend it as a place near the airport.

Those blue bags are filled with bananas. This was a shot I took from the car, on the way to San Joaquin.

And here was our lovely room! This room was a part of a wing in Maya & Stanko's house. Their house was HUGE. It was so private, too. We never felt in the way or in need of space. The room was bright & clean!

There was a little patio attached to the room. This was nice for letting our towels dry before packing them away & heading home.

And their pool was stunning! It was windy that day, so we spent our night in their warm hot tub. Yes, these people are geniuses & put in a hot tub along with their pool. It was magical at night!

As you can see, the house is massive. There is the central wing, the east wing, & the west wing. If I have my directions correct... we got the west wing. Our room was there, along with a game room that had a ping pong table & more. James kicked my butt in ping pong.
This was part of our breakfast spread. Okay, here is THE BEST part about Maya & Stanko's place : breakfast.
1. The food was WONDERFUL. Wow, did we have a huge spread. Rice, fruit, coconut, beans, eggs, bread... it was all so awesome. 
2. Maya & Stanko ate with us on the patio. Now, sometimes we like our privacy, but having breakfast with them was the highlight of our time at their place. They are from Sweden, but moved to Costa Rica because they love it. (I do not blame them one bit.) We shared stories, laughed, & had a genuinely good time hanging out with them. 

If I could give any advice to travelers... it would be to OPEN UP! Being open & up for anything brings so many new experiences you may have otherwise missed. Eat dinner with some strangers. Share a cab with another couple. Smile & say "Good Morning" to people passing by on the street. Check out stores & vendors & talk to the owners - ask them about their crafts & histories. Absorb. Learn. It's like that movie, Yes Man. Just say Yes!  

Okay, maybe not to everything, but to situations that could bring you good things!

And you know what? Writing that whole last paragraph made me want to do one last Costa Rica post. I think I will do a whole post on tips & tricks in Costa Rica. It will be my recap post #10 to round it off nicely. So watch for it! 

And I promise, I will write about our Mexico trip a lot faster than I wrote about this one! 


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