Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Nanner Nice Cream!

When I first tried Banana Nice Cream, I failed pretty badly. I just took some frozen bananas, processed them in the food processor, & added some mini semi-sweet chocolate chips & stirred them in with my spoon. Blah! I very much so dumped that cup right out the car window.  

Of course I was driving & eating nice cream... don't act like you've never done it.

But Monday night, I was determined, so I tried again. Plus, I had a hankerin', ya'll.

Ps. I'm not Southern. Very much Northern. Pale as a ghost. 


Aldi had a banana sale, where they were only 22 cents per pound. Cha-ching! Mama likey. So I bought a freakin' bunch of them.

Make that, 4 bunches.

I waited for my bananas to get some brown spots on them, peeled them, halved them, put them babies in a freezer bag, & into the freezer.

And I am trying to eat SOOO much better than last month (this whole last year, actually), so when I got a sweet craving 2 nights ago, I braved the nice cream again. 

And, this time, it was FANTABULOUS. (My spellcheck be spazin'.)

Nanner Nice Cream!
2-3 frozen nanners (bananas, you simpleton)
1 tablespoon creamy peanut butter
1 tablespoon cocoa powder

1. Process your nanners in the food processor. At first, they will look a bit chunky - keep going! There's always going to be a blob of it that doesn't want to cream, so you might have to fidget with Mr. Blob. 

It's nice cream, not rocket science. You got this.

2. To the processor, add in your PB & cocoa. Process s'more til it's fully blended. Things should look creamy at this point! 

3. Scoop that precious cargo into a bowl or mug. Or eat it straight from the processor - I don't care. But I do care about your safety, so don't eat around the processor blade. I know, you're an adult, you can handle it, but I worry. So, little daredevil... just remove the blade, k? Thanks. Love, Mama Bear.

4. Eat the entire bowl immediately. (This step is required.)

Bada-bing, bada-boom. 

All done. 

You. are. welcome. 

Oh!! And, if I had been thinking at the time, (instead of helping James lay block. Yes, I was eating nice cream while laying block, don't act like you've never done it.) I would have totally added chopped/sliced almonds to the top of my nanner nice cream.

Do not be a fool, like me, & not add them. 

Actually, do what you want. You could be allergic to nuts, for all I know. Add sprinkles to that pile of pleasantness, you wild child. Or gummy bears. Or coconut. Or chocolate chips. Or crushed cookies. Or graham crackers. Or animal crackers. Or saltine crackers (don't). Maybe some caramel? Some fudge? But, remember, we're tryna be healthy here. Stick to it.

Enjoy that Nanner Nice Cream & let me know what ya think. Or where you ate it. Or what you were doing when you ate it. Cause, I'd like to compare weirdness. 

Peace out,

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