Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Weekend Eats & Stuff (July 29th)

I had such a good weekend. In the Summer, I get Friday's off, so Friday was a day for myself. I had stayed up later than normal on Thursday night, watching movies, so I didn't get out of bed on Friday until 10:30. Once I did, though, I was excited for a healthy day. 

For breakfast (seeing as I woke up so late...) I just had an orange & some lemon-cucumber water.

After that, I did 3 short workouts on YouTube: this one, this one, & this one. Youtuber JessicaSmithTV is my favorite workout gal to watch. I just like her tone & how she talks to you. She's not overly bubbly, she's not pushy... I just jive well with her. 

After that, I showered & made lunch. For lunch I had leftover Pizza Egg Bake, along with my vitamins...
It ain't pretty here, but it's darrrrrn good.
... some hummus & carrots on the side...
Seriously, Aldi's Red Pepper Hummus is dah best.
... and some banana chips for dessert! 

 I did some cleaning & some relaxing for a few hours. 

When I got hungry again, I made a blueberry/banana/Aldi's Tropical Fruit Blend/Organic Protein Powder smoothie. The Tropical Fruit Blend is pineapple, mango, strawberries, & papaya. 

This is the protein powder I use. I only use about a 3/4ths scoop.

I went outside to drink it in my deck chair, but I had the urge to walk & drink, so I leashed up Jack & took a 1.63-mile walk. 

Lemme tell you... I felt so accomplished. I mean, I did a workout, ate well, AND went for a walk. I was feeling like health was my main jam. 

For dinner that night, I made steaks for James & chicken tenders for me. I also made organic mac & cheese (from Aldi) & my favorite, FAVORITE side dish, my "Greek" salad.

When we were in Costa Rica, I tried a similar salad to this one & it knocked my socks off. It rocked my world. It's just tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, black olive, cubed chunks of mozzarella cheese, olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, & pepper. (Not shown here, black olives - I was out!)

For dessert, I made sliced green apples with my favorite Organic Peanut Butter (with chia seeds & flax seeds), mini chocolate chips, & a tiny bit of shredded coconut. 

What an awesome, delicious, healthy dessert option. I gobbled it all up. James had his chance, & he missed it. I couldn't be stopped. PB & green apples are my thang.

And that's it for Friday! I was feelin' super proud of myself.

Saturday was a full day of events. Right away in the morning, I went garage saling with a friend. I had my cucumber/lemon water with me. For a "brunch" snack, I had cinnamon almonds with a fruit strip.

 I had raided my friend's cupboard for this stuff, cause I was quite hungry. She had these fruit strips from Aldi & I had never tried one. (I know, shocking!) They were so good! But those almonds, man. I think she got those at Wal-Mart. They were heavenly. 

For lunch, we went to a local place on the railroad tracks. They are known for their flatbreads & I seen the gyro one on the menu & HAD to try it. 

Of course I didn't eat the whole thing, but man, was it good. It needed a bit more tzatziki sauce on it, but it was super freakin good. I could go for another as I type. 

Later on, I went to a Pizza Farm Music/Art Fest. It was an evening of Americana music & the outdoors. I bought some lavender honey from a local farm stand, which was sooo good. 3 of us shared a pizza there. The Pizza Farm uses all local, organic ingredients & it did not disappoint.  Not even sure what was all on it, but it was called a "Sweet Georgia Pie." There was cheese, prosciutto, goat cheese, basil, & peppered honey. 

I had 2 Redd's Apple Ales & a Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss. I also sampled beer from a new, local brewery. We listened to the band's play, & even danced towards the end. It was a wonderful time. 

The Last Revel

The Last Revel

The Last Revel

On Sunday, for brunch, I ate leftover gyro pizza. We gardened, ran errands, & did housework all day. We did stop at an ice cream place... I had a pineapple froyo & James had a huge Reeses flurry. 

I had made these in the middle of the day...

... a small pan of rice cereal treats. I just followed the recipe on the Aldi cereal box.

For dinner, I had a big bowl of my "Greek" salad.

We ended the night with watching "The Saint" on Netflix. The weekend was over, but it was a good one. 


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