Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My "Greek" Salad

I cannot believe I have not shared this before. I remember taking pictures, but no clue where they went. Anyways...

THIS is my FAVORITE side dish, ever. 

And, sometimes, it's my favorite MEAL ever.  

I first had this in Costa Rica. We were in Tamarindo & a grocery store was down the road from our house. Many tourists use the grocery store for meals & snacks, rather than eating at restaurants. It's cheaper at the store &, hello, we're in Costa Rica - the land of fruits!! And the stores had plenty of fruits for us snow-packed winter folk. 

I stumbled upon their deli area & seen this salad. I gave it a go. My first bite was like angels dancing on my tongue, & I was hooked. The next day, I went back to the store.


I ran to the store to get me some more.

But they were all out. I think I stood in front of that deli case for a good 10 minutes, half-devasted, half-hoping they would come out with more. They didn't. 

The next day, we were leaving. I had to, HAD TO, stop again to see if there was more. Again, all out. But they had a different salad, which I bought. It was good, but it was nothing like the first. 

So when I got home, I made my own version, which was exactly like the kind in Costa Rica. 

My "Greek" Salad
red onion
black olives
mozzarella brick cheese
olive oil
lemon juice

Dice your cucumber, tomato, a little red onion, & some black olives. Use as much of each thing as you'd like. Take your brick mozzarella cheese & dice that into small cubes. Toss these ingredients in a bowl. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil over the top. Remember, olive oil goes a long way, so only a little is needed. Squeeze a lemon over the top - again, just a little juice. Sprinkle a dash of oregano on top, along with a dash of pepper. Toss the whole salad. You can eat this right away or refrigerate it & eat it later. I'd recommend eating it that day. 

I really should call this my "Costa Rican" salad, thanks to the store in Tamarindo. 

This week alone, I've had this salad 3 times: once as a side dish, & twice as a meal. Yes, a meal. I just can't help myself. Oh, & I have it in my lunch box for today's meal, too.

It's healthy.
It's tasty.
Most of it comes from my garden.
It just might be my favorite thing ever. 

Right up there with them gyros & my mama's church potatoes. 

I cannot wait til lunchtime.


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