Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Making the Most of my Lunch Breaks

I made the most out of my 30-minute lunch break today. 

Walking took up exactly 30 minutes of it. 

I just ate when I got back to my desk.

 I'm lucky to work near a trail. 

And it was lovely outside. A bit windy, as my picked flowers learned, but still good.

I'm also lucky to work in an area with beautiful homes, like this one. 

But I'm not too crazy about taking pictures of other people's homes, so I only got one snap.

Love that big window in the front, with the tall covering.

And I love starting my day with my homemade parfaits. This one is plain Greek yogurt, with blueberries, chopped strawberries, & Aldi's Simply Nature Organic Tropical Mango Passion Granola.  

This was a sweet treat after having a hard-boiled egg, dipped in Aldi's hummus. 

Another new favorite. 

Just hard-boil an egg or two or three, peel them, add them to a container with a scoop of hummus on the side, & dip them in the hummus to enjoy. 

So good, and so healthy.

In a way, I had 3 breakfasts this morning, with these two snacks & my French Toast I enjoyed earlier. 

I ain't ashamed.

But, to note, I plan on using my future breaks the same way - walking the whole time, & eating at my desk when I return. 

Healthy choices, for the win!


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