Thursday, June 30, 2016

Homemade Coconut Oil Toothpaste

*Make sure to read my updates below, too.

My goal is to look at all the things I use in my home & try & eliminate harsh chemicals by making homemade versions of the products. This usually comes about when I run out of something & need more. I think to myself "Instead of going out to buy another one of these, maybe I should look into making my own?" 
Which is exactly what happened with my toothpaste. We were about out & it had been lingering in the back of my mind to look into making my own soon. Then one night, during a storm/power outage, I decided "what better time than now to mix up that toothpaste recipe?" So, on a dark, candle-lit night, I made my first jar of 

Homemade Toothpaste.
Dollop your coconut oil into your bowl or jar. Using a spoon, stir the coconut oil until it looks whipped. Add in your baking soda & mix in well. Add the peppermint soap & oil &, again, mix well. Store in a jar with a lid.

I store mine in a small mason jelly jar with the lid screwed on. I just keep it in my medicine cabinet in the bathroom. When it's time to use it, I scoop out some onto my tooth brush, get the brush wet under faucet water, & brush like normal! 

The first time I used it, I expected it to be different, but it was actually really nice! I don't miss conventional toothpaste at all. I've been using this for about a month now, & my teeth have never felt cleaner. I cannot describe how clean my teeth feel after each brushing session. My friend, Katie, tried this while we were up north & she was shocked at how squeaky clean her teeth felt. 

I have a "football" tooth. Yep, you read that correctly: a football tooth. When I was younger, I was playing football & got my tooth hit by someone's knee. 

Actually, it was my knee, but let's not get into the details. 

I had to be taken to the dentist immediately & since then, one tooth is a bit darker than the rest. Everyone says it isn't even noticeable. The dentist says it's completely dead & I should get a root canal someday, but I'm avoiding that for now. 

Anyways, I was scared that if I went away from my whitening toothpaste, that this tooth would go dark. So far, nothing has changed! If anything, my teeth are looking whiter (& definitely, cleaner) than ever before. I will never go back to conventional toothpaste. 

Coconuts & Kettlebell's Noelle (where I got the recipe!) explains why conventional toothpaste needs the boot: "Conventional toothpastes contain a whole bunch of added unnecessary ingredients, many which should not be going into your mouth. The most unfortunate of these include sodium lauryl sulphate, a known skin irritant, triclosan, which is linked to cancer and endocrine disruption, and fluoride, which is also linked to cancer and thyroid dysfunction.[2][3][4][5] Many other common ingredients, including propylene glycol, artificial colors, and certain un-pronounceable substances are synthetic compounds that are not natural, and shouldn’t be in the human body."

Say no more! 

(But she does say a lot more, so check out her site for more info!) 

I'm always up for trying new-to-me, healthy alternatives to chemical-ridden products in my home, so this was exciting & I am happy to say I'm very pleased with this toothpaste. I encourage you to make some & try it!

*7/21/16 Update: I am almost done with my first jar of this homemade coconut oil toothpaste & I gotta say... I LOVE it! My teeth are clean - like cleaner than ever before. And they are white! I was so worried my teeth would not be as white as they are with conventional toothpaste, but I can proudly say they are whiter now! I'm going to the dentist at the end of August for a check-up, so we shall see what the doc thinks of my toothpaste preferences. She better be ready - I'm coming with loads of information on all the benefits! Stay tuned for that update. 

**8/25/16 Update: Well, I went to the dentist today. I have a cavity & several more starting. I was crushed. I didn't even go in there telling my dentist what I have been using. I said nothing until she checked me out. She told me about all the issues & asked me what I did different. At that point, I told her I was using a natural toothpaste. She went on to explain that I need a toothpaste with fluoride. She could probably see the hesitation on my face, & explained that, yes, fluoride has a bad reputation, but it is something that you simply brush your teeth with & spit out. Yes, it penetrates the teeth to make them stronger, but we need it to prevent our teeth from decay. I was devastated. She even said I need a prescription toothpaste just to provide that stronger fluoride percentage. I also went to the store after & bought an anti-cavity mouthwash. I'll be honest, I am very upset about this. I loved the coconut toothpaste, simply because my teeth felt so clean & looked so white. So I have been wallowing, watching Gilmore Girls & Bachelor in Paradise. 
I plan to use the prescription toothpaste before bed. In the morning, use the coconut toothpaste, & brush again right after with a regular paste. I'm super bummed. I was hoping the dentist would be like "Whoa, your teeth are great! What are you using?!" But I got the opposite & now have a filling appointment next week. Wish me luck :(

Squeaky Clean Love,

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