Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day Trip to Ellsworth, Wisconsin

At least 3 times a year, James & I make a trip to Ellsworth, Wisconsin...

... for CHEESE CURDS. 

Large, 16 oz. bag, original, $4.00
Yes, we drive miles & miles just to sink our teeth into these squeaky treats. We have to. They are just that good.

We've tried other creamery's, but Ellsworth has our heart. Right across the border of Minnesota, over the river, & a few miles down the road, lies the "Cheese Curd Capital of the World."


Red Wing, Minnesota is right across the river from Ellsworth. That's when you know cheese curds are coming, or have been had - depending on which direction you're headed. I love this town on the river. So unique. So lovely.

We know several people who love a creamery towards the south, but we just can't get enough of the Ellsworth Creamery. When we mention that this is our favorite creamery, these people just have not tried it. 

You can bet we have made them believers! 

Every time we go to Ellsworth, we call our close friends and family & take orders. Some people want 1 bag, some people want 5. Some people just like the original curds, some like a variety of flavors. 
Small, 4oz. bag, flavored, for $1.25
I love the original, but the pizza flavor is my next favorite. There's also Hickory Bacon, Sour Cream & Onion, Garlic, Cajun, Taco, Buffalo, Ranch, & more. For our household, James buys about 10 bags of the original curds... at least. 

10... ha! Who am I kidding? More like 15-20 bags.

He likes to grab a bag of Garlic for himself, too.
Such a nice sight on a rainy day.

It's usually the start of "fair" season that triggers our taste buds to want curds. We even think about the fair coming to town, we automatically think about the cheese curd stand. But we are NOT willing to pay $6 for a tiny handful of curds, when we can take a nice drive & buy a one pound bag for $4. We can get about 3 handfuls of fried curds from each bag! 
We like to eat our curds fresh, but the majority of the curds get fried at home. We follow the recipe on the back of each package:
Try substituting the salt for garlic salt - yum!
And the majority of our curds go into James' belly. 
For about 3 weeks after a trip to Ellsworth, our house smells like cheese curd grease. 
I absolutely hate the smell, but James hands me one fried curd & I almost forgive the scent. Hopefully, soon, he can begin using his outdoor fryer. He can now, he just... hasn't. 

The creamery constantly has milk trucks pouring in. The are lined up outside the building. And they all come from local farms, which we are happy to support!
Sorry, it's a bit blurry.
They sell more than just cheese curds, too. They have jams, dips, wines, candies, homemade soaps, caramels, souvenirs, beef sticks, sauces, & more - all from local businesses. The creamery even makes & sells soft serve ice cream - and you can believe we love it. 
And I can't get enough of the homemade caramels on the counter. Simply amazing. 
This was one of the "lightest" cheese curd hauls we've ever done. 
Probably because it was an absolute spur-of-the-moment trip. I mean, we were on our way into town & it turned into Wisconsin. Our friends & family had no warning. You can bet we heard some grumbles when we got back.
"You didn't tell me you were going to Ellsworth! I would have had you get me a few bags!"
Sorry. We were like rabid dogs, practically drooling with our heads out the car window all the way there. There was no time for thought. 

We did, however, give a bag to our road-grater man. He is so nice & grates the dirt road in front of our farm after each rainfall, & does an extra nice job near our driveway. You can bet he was overjoyed! I mean, who wouldn't be? 

"I'm just over here, road-grating a road on a SATURDAY, la la la, oh look! The neighbors are coming down the road." And bam! Cheese curds. 

Made. his. day. 

At least, I hope it did. 

And eventually, we make it back home to our farm & our animals, like Una.
Told you I'd have her in some upcoming posts! She is just so photogenic, how can I resist?

So if you're looking for something to do in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area, look no further than a stop at Ellsworth. You will be so glad you did!  

*New official Ellsworth Creamery Spokeswoman! ...Not really, but I do love the place.

And message me so I can have you get me a few bags, too.

All the curd love,

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