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Costa Rica Recap : Post 6 : Nosara

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I would have to say, out of all the places we went in Costa Rica, Nosara was the most relaxing. It's a tiny fishing village in the Southern part of Guanacaste. There are no chain stores, no brand-name restaurants, no shopping malls... from what we found, there was just a small grocery store near our hotel - that's it. But we were there to fish & unwind - and that, we did.

Getting to Nosara was no smooth ride. It was actually very bumpy, very remote, & we even had to cross this road in our tiny Kia Picanto. We sat there for a good 5 minutes, discussing what to do. Cross it & cross our fingers it's not deep? Go back? Go back where? We had already drove miles upon miles upon miles since leaving Tamarindo. Thankfully, a SUV came from the opposite direction & allowed us to watch & see just how deep it wasn't. We made it across just fine. No worries!

Your average dirt road on the way to Nosara.

After getting a little lost, missing the sign for the hotel, we found the place. Right across the road from the ocean was our oasis... Hotel Playa Garza.

This place was perfect for us. At $60 a night, we enjoyed a clean room, a nice pool, & steps away from the beach.

The hotel owner, Juri, is from Italy. He was the nicest host you could dream up. We're even Facebook friends now! If you're going to book this place, email him at hotelplayagarza@gmail.com. If you book through Booking.com & other such websites, he has to pay a commission. Attached to the hotel is his Italian Restaurant Sol Y Mar. We enjoyed everything we ate! 100% recommend.

The room was large, the shower water was great, the beds were cozy.

Such a unique place.

And the beach. Oh, the beach. It was astonishing. So quiet, so peaceful, so secluded. No, that's not me. I wish!

Juri's dog, Brownie, followed me ev.er.y.where. She was my little tour guide/security guard.

I made many dog friends in Nosara.

The sunsets... just... breath-taking.

Playful Brownie.

Our first night in Nosara was spent checking out the beach, swimming in the ocean a bit, & hanging out in the restaurant.

The hotel is art in itself.

The pool was a wonderful reward on a hot day.

This little pup joined my dog-pack crew.

We enjoyed this for an appetizer. Bruschetta with pesto & tomatoes.

When we booked Nosara for our hotel, we were looking for a cheap place to get a good fishing session in. We wanted to fish for sure on this trip. In my emails with Juri before the trip, we told him this & we set it up to fish while we were there for $250 total - pretty cheap, compared to other places I checked out.

But James was too excited to wait for the afternoon fishing session we had scheduled, so he went that morning, too, for an extra $100 (I think it was.) I stayed back & relaxed at the hotel & the beach. I needed to have that time to wind down. Afternoon fishing was awaiting me!
I slept in a little, as James left early for his first fishing trip.

When I woke up, it didn't take Brownie long to come find me! We sat on the balcony & read.
We knew the night before that James was heading out early for his fishing trip. I made sure to grab some food at the store to eat for breakfast.

I was curious about this tree.

I made it down to the beach to relax, lay out, dip my toes in the water, & write.

Brownie waiting on shore when I waded into the water.

I think she was digging for crabs.

My spot under the palm trees suited me just fine.

I watched a local as he seemed to really appreciate his home. He was deep in thought.

I had to get a picture of this guy. He was about 70 years old, alone, in a small bathing suit, tanning, & eating a freezie. Now, if that isn't "The Life," I don't know what is.

The hotel is across the street from the beach, and down a small alley road - in case you're looking ;) Hey, look! Our Kia made an apperance again.

These hammocks at the hotel by the pool were a nice place to dry off, nap, & chill out.

Swimming in the pool, I attracted a friend.

These were my saving grace in Costa Rica. They were little wafer rolls, some were plain, others covered in chocolate. So yummy.

James came back from his morning fish. He caught a couple, if I remember correctly. Nothing too note-worthy. But now, it was my time to join the guys. After lunch, we headed out!

The first fish we caught was this little fella.

It was so nice being out in the water. It was the perfect kind of day for it.

We fished for hours, and didn't catch a thing. We were fishing with bare hooks so, on the last cast, James decided to cut a piece of our small fish off & use it as bait. Then, his line reeled...

and reeled...

and reeled...

and reeled some more...

and we caught sight of what was fighting James.

This 30-ish pound Red Snapper was ours!

I've never seen James so pumped!

This was what we came to Nosara for. (This picture is even featured on their fishing website here.)
Our boat, La Mafiosa.
We really had the best time in Nosara. Relaxation mixed with fishing mixed with good food, good friends, & quiet. We adore this place & cannot wait, cannot wait, to visit again some day.


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