Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yoga & Tea Mornings

My goal this week was to wake up each morning & do at least 3 minutes of yoga right away to energize my body & get the blood flowin'. I got the idea from Britany at

I gotta say... what a wonderful way to wake up. 

I've been trying to incorporate yoga into my mornings for awhile, but it was never a consistent thing. Then, I read Brit's blog about making it her May goal to wake up & do 3 minutes of yoga each morning. 

So, on Monday, I began doing this, too. 

And it's never been just 3 minutes. Since Monday, I've made time for at least 5 minutes of yoga each morning. But having that 3 minute goal makes it seem like a much easier task. I mean, who can't knock out a 3 minute yoga sesh every morning?

And afterwards, I feel GREAT! My body feels awakened, by mind seems bright, & my nerves are calm. 

Also, since Monday, I've been enjoying a cup of Good Earth Citrus Kiss Green Tea after each yoga workout. I add a lemon slice with it, & it just warms me up & gets a little healthy caffeine in my system. 

And what better way to continue my good morning, than to sit on my steps & look out over my farm.

 God is too good to me.

And a new breakfast I've incorporated lately is a homemade parfait. I just take some of Aldi's Plain Greek Yogurt, some diced strawberries, & some Simply Nature Organic Coconut & Chia Granola.

On my Aldi trip last night, I didn't see the Coconut & Chia granola anywhere :(

But I am going to try the Tropical Mango granola. Fingers crossed they didn't get rid of the coconut one! I love it. 

My goal for next week is to continue with the 3 minute yoga goal each morning, but also to be awake & out of bed by 6:50 each morning. I have been on the struggle bus with getting out of bed at a decent hour, so I need to fix that ASAP. Mornings are so precious.

With love,

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