Monday, May 23, 2016

Farm Update


Let's go on a farm tour.

Because I like taking pictures.

And memories.

And because I got bored one night & snapped a bunch of photos.

So here we go!
Mister Islo doing what he does best: resting.

He is such a handsome lil devil.
And who can forget Jack? My trusty, always-by-my-side-except-when-dad's-around, sidekick! Here he is, doing what he does best, staring into my soul.
James is LOVING his new Huskavarna zero-turn lawn mower. 


He mows "just for the heck of it" now.
 This past weekend, he started the mower 2 out of 3 days. What a weirdo.

 The sunsets on my farm are just to-die-for.

I love 'em.

 Here, we have some wild rhubarb growing. 

And some of Jim's grass seed is taking.

 This farm gave me a new love for the color green.
James put seed down to make our yard really lush. Some took faster than others.
 Our wood pile is growing faster than ever. We use this wood mainly for Jim's wood stove in his shop.
That is, if I don't use it all for campfires.
 This is our tree line. When we moved in, this area was FULL of prickly bushes, dead trees, fallen-down branches, & thistles. You could barely walk through it.

Correction: you couldn't walk through it.

We cleaned it up & just waiting for the grass seed to take.

 We came across this weird spot in our yard. Not sure why there is a spot of cement right here.

It looks like a grave marker...
 This is our massive tree right next to the house. Jim says it's over 100 years old. I mean, this guy was around before the house was built. He provides us a lot of needed shade.

The tree, not Jim.
 Our two trees in the front of the property.
 Remember my rose bushes? They are getting little leaves on them.

Once they are grown, they'll be 2 red rose bushes on the outsides, and a white rose bush in the middle.

I think.

Unless I planted them wrong.
 My metal sunflower.

Ignore my weeds.

K, thanks. 
 A big ol hosta growing outside Jack's kennel. He decorates his home well.
 When we first moved here, this area was full of tall grass. Now, we (Jim) mows it.
 Here's an updated photo of our pear trees! Parker & Patten.
And our Honeycrisp trees...
Our Sweet 16 trees...
A quick shot of the sunset once more. 

Cause I love it.

Look at them clouds! 
Okay, back to the trees. These are my Harlsred & my SnowSweet.
Further away is Mr. Wealthy tree & up close is our most productive tree, Zestar. He is blooming like crazy! We're thinking we'll get apples this year even. He is just taking off!

Wild grapes are growing on our silo & barn fence.

Even with 3 acres, a barn, & 2 sheds, Jim just can't fit all his toys in.
I recently transplanted hostas to the walkway. I need them to perk up a bit more yet.
The only potted flowers I am doing this year. 

Ignore my zip ties. I will cut them off. Soon. Hopefully.

There are white flowers surrounding Gazania's, a new flower I've never played with. 
And one of the flowers bloomed recently! 
 So pretty, just like the rest of the farm :)
 Love & flowers,

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