Monday, May 23, 2016

Costa Rica Recap : Post 5 : Tamarindo

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It was time to leave La Fortuna. What a wonderful, fun, scenic place to really begin our time in Costa Rica. We were sad to leave, but I was excited to get to the ocean.

On our way out, we went by the German Hotel. What an interesting looking place!

About an hour or two into our drive to Tamarindo, I seen black "things" in the trees.

I shouted "Stop! Monkeys!"  

Which caused James to slam on the breaks, thinking we were going to hit some. 

Nope, it's just Ashley, being Ashley, & over excitedly screaming about apes in their natural habitat.

We made a U-turn to check them out. 

Thanks, camera, for not focusing on the actual thing I was taking a picture of. 

And after a long drive, where we got lost a few times...

We made it to Tamarindo!

We got there too early for check-in at our Airbnb place, so we ate at Subway & immediately went to the beach.

This is the outside of our place, & James taking a surprising photo of me.
And another.
Tamarindo was the most tourist-y place of everywhere we stayed in Costa Rica. But it was a fun place to be.

Drinks were had at the Wild Panda. 2 for 1's!
I spotted more monkey's in the trees, downtown Tamarindo.

The sunset in Tamarindo was breath-taking...

James liked to coax these little guys near me. 

I was not a fan.
And here is what our Tamarindo apartment looked like. We LOVED it!

It only took us 4 minutes to walk to the beach or restaurants. It was down a more private dirt road, so there was less noise & traffic. We really enjoyed staying here.

James found a friend while on a walk with the camera.

He was hiding in a marsh area directly behind me. 

All over the beach, there were people selling coconuts to drink from. I had to try it.

And it was so good. So refreshing. So... natural.
I read while James walked the beach. And by "read" I mean, "barely paid attention to the book & watched the waves." I ended up not finishing this book. I just could not get into it.

We spent 2 nights in Tamarindo. You wouldn't know that by my lack of pictures. There was just so much to see. And the beach had me captivated. And our tree house was just so relaxing... Tamarindo was a place of mojitos, beach, people, sunsets, & the best restaurant in Costa Rica : The Shrimp Hole. Their hummus, bread, Tzatziki, & dessert was to die for. James loved the shrimp. It's a tiny, tiny, place but oh so good. We ate there twice! 

Also, there's a grocery store just down the road from our place where I enjoyed these outstanding cucumber/tomato/black olive/red onion/mozzarella cheese/olive oil salads. I have made my own version at home several times since & will have to post about that soon.


Stay tuned for more on our Costa Rica trip. We're headed to the small fishing village of Nosara next. 

Got questions or comments about our trip? Post them below! I'd love to help out with planning your vacation! Stay tuned for more posts on our trip.


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