Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Border Lavender Planted

Boy, did I have a hard time trying to decide where to plant this lavender. I eventually decided on using it in my border rock beds. 

I honestly have no idea how it will fair out. As I sit here & type, I've already decided I'm going to go home & remove a bit more rock around the lines of seeds, so they have more room to soak up water. 

I just don't know what I think about this river rock. It surrounds my entire house, & was here when we moved in a few months ago. Do I get rid of it all? Do I keep it to help calm down weeds? And if so, how do I work with a rock border? Do I just keep removing rock & cutting the liner where I want to plant? 

So badly do I want this lavender to grow. I am going to put some lavender in a couple containers, & maybe buy some lavender plants at the nursery soon & plant those somewhere. If I am going to use this flower as my wedding flower someday, I better get a large batch going! 
Wish me luck,

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