Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Fruity "Ice Cream" Dessert - Just Two Ingredients!

Seeing as I gave up cakes, cookies, & candies for the week, I thought I should probably not eat ice cream, either. Even though James went out & bought a huge pail of cookies & cream... 

He thought he'd be funny & grab a big bowl of it to eat right in front of me, as I was complaining how I just want a treat. I almost caved & got me a tiny dish, too, but I wanted him to see I could do this. Here's what I made & how I made it:

Fruity "Ice Cream"
  • one 16oz. bag of frozen fruit
  • one cup of Greek Yogurt 
I used Season's Choice Triple Berry from Aldi, which has strawberries, blueberries, & blackberries. I also used Friendly Farms Plain Greek Yogurt, also from Aldi. 

Can you tell I love that place?
Dump the whole bag of frozen fruit into a processor. (I banged  my bag of fruit on the counter to break up the frozen pieces first. Some of my aggression may or may not have stemmed from Jim eating ice cream in front of me - I'll never tell.) Add your cup of yogurt to the processor, too. Turn on the processor & allow the ingredients to mix together until it resembles something similar to the texture of ice cream. 

And that's it! 

Scoop out a serving for yourself & enjoy. I put the remaining mixture into a mason jar, screwed the lid on, & put in the freezer. The next time I want to enjoy some more of this treat, I usually take the jar out to thaw a bit before eating it. But there is nothing like having it fresh from the processor. 

This is my healthy alternative to Ice Cream. I still eat it in moderation, as it does have a good amount of sugar in it, but it makes me feel a lot less guilty!

Warm Wishes,

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