Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Warm Weather Walkin'

The weather is finally nice enough to enjoy taking a walk outside. So much so, that I took two walks before work even ended. 
I can't wait for the trees to be full of leaves again. I miss GREEN.
Note to future self: invest in some walking shoes for work so I don't have to ruin my feet anymore. Sincerely,  current feet-hurtin' self.
The clouds started to roll in, but that didn't stop me once I got home. I was determined to go on a walk with Jack & keep the momentum going. Working out is what got me to lose 34ish pounds, I need to keep at it! So, without thinking or allowing myself to get distracted, I walked in the door, immediately went to the bedroom, changed into walking clothes (cough, sweatshirt & sweatpants, cough), grabbed the leash & harness for Jack, hooked him up, turned on my MapMyFitness app & Pandora, and got to walkin'! 
Nothing beats a walk in the country. So peaceful!
"Jack, look here! Come on, Jack, look at me!"
"Jack, look at me! Treat?"
"Jack, quit looking at those birds, look at me!"
Please take note of his broken harness. Yes, I need to buy another one or find a way to fix this one. So much for a good picture of Jack on this walk. He was too excited. We walked a little over 2 miles. 
 We made it back to the farm right on time, because it started sprinkling. 
Rain drops on the window screen.
More rain is in the forecast, but I hope to get more walking in. Spring is here! 

Warm Wishes,

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