Friday, August 7, 2015

Florida Keys 2015, Day 3

This is regarding the trip we took to the Florida Keys in January, 2015.

When I take a trip, the #1 thing I want to do is get on or near the water, so that was priority one on day three. We woke up & biked to Smather's Beach.

There's Jim! I relaxed on the beach - the water was cold! 
Smather's Beach
View from my towel if I turned around.

We were hungry, so we biked to Southernmost Beach Cafe. This place was so neat - right on the water, surrounded by beach, & breezy with walls that opened up the whole building.

After eating, we took a walk on their boardwalk.
My favorite mode of transportation!
We decided to cruise around for awhile...
The Official Tourist Photo of Key West! (hehe!)

I wish I would have figured out what this statue was for, but I get rushed when there's lots of people around, & a cruise ship had just come in.
A Key West Home

My favorite - a red hibiscus!
We got hungry after awhile (biking does that to you!) and we were thinking Crabby Dick's so Jim could get some calamari. This is the view from the balcony!

Crabby Dick's
MALLORY SQUARE! Of course, we had to check this place out. At night, around dusk, a whole variety of performers come out to entertain. This pig was the cutest act, along with a dog who fetched dollars for his banjo playin' papa.

This guy was the funniest. We watched his whole show.
The Famous Key West Sunset from Mallory Square

One vendor had these pineapple drinks. We ended up getting two. SO.GOOD.

There's that sunset... what a way to end a night!
We got tired so early each night because of all the biking. And drinking is expensive in Key West, as well as everything else... But we still loved the LIFE of Key West!

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