Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why I'm Blogging

My kids are the center of my life - and I don't even have any yet. 

I worry night and day about the kind of life they will have. What kind of mom will I be? What kind of dad will my husband be? Will the war be over? Will they put God first? What is going to influence them? Who are they going to be? 

I can "plan out" my mothering skills right now, but when I actually have my babies, will that all change? I don't want to say I will be strict, but I do believe there will be rules and consequences. My kids will have daily chores, they will spend a lot of time outside, and TV will be minimal. I believe TV is a factor in why kids act out these days. If the sun is out, and the sky is blue, they can be outside. It's better for them, and nature can teach them many things. All my memories from growing up are rooted with being on the farm. When I think back to watching TV after school, I now think that it was a waste of time. I had the opportunity to be on our farm! Riding bikes, jumping on hay bales, petting the cows, naming the cats, chasing the dogs, playing catch, turning dad's calf hutches into Tilt-a-Whirls... Those were the best times. 

My life focus is living traditional.

I want to be the one that makes the meals my family eats. I want my house to reflect our lifestyle. My kids will know what hard work is. My husband will teach them those skills. When my kids need me, I don't want to be away at work. I want them to find me in the kitchen, or in the garden. Why have a daycare person or nanny get to watch my babies grow, and not me? I don't have a college degree, so I am not the "bread winner." I respect how other families with working mom's live their life. (You go, woman!) But I believe a stay-at-home mom is the life and choice I will make.

Anyways... the reason I blog is so my children can see who I am. I want them to be able to look back at this blog and see why I am the way that I am. They will get to see my recipes, how I made things, my life before them, my life after having them... 

I would much rather write all this down in a notebook in my handwriting as it is more personal. But the benefit of doing this on a computer, is I get to add pictures. I could put all this in a Word document, but then I run the risk of that getting lost or the technology being too old by the time they get to see this. 

This is all for them! 

And I suppose, maybe, there are other women out there that think the same way I do. Maybe they also want the traditional lifestyle. Maybe they want to cook, and garden, and clean, and raise their kids themselves. Well, this is for those people, too.

When I picture my life, I see a white house. I see a porch on the front that wraps around to the side. I see a clear view of the sunset from my kitchen window. I see an open field leading to that sunset. I see trees on the other side of the house, that my kids will climb. And pick apples from. I see a gravel driveway that runs past the house to our sheds. I see Jim with work gloves on, carrying something, and his boys trailing behind him. I see my girls playing in the yard or on the porch in their sun dresses. And I see me, standing there taking it all in. Thanking God for my dream come true. All this while supper is cooking in the kitchen, where we are about to all sit down at the table, pray, and eat. And talk about our day. And see my babies smiling faces. And Jim look at me from across the table, with so much love. 

This is my dream. Everyone has dreams, and this one is mine. It's a simple one, I think. But that's who I am - simple. And I really would not choose to have it another way. 

So... Hi, kiddo's! Mom here. I hope you love this blog I have left for you. And I hope you know how much I love you. How much your dad loves you. And how proud we are of you. 

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