Saturday, July 25, 2015

Traveling in March

*Orignally wrote on March 31, 2014.*

2 years. That's how long I've waited for Brittany, my sister, to turn 21. 

My 21st, 2 years ago, was very boring. It was on a Sunday, and all my friends were busy - which is my fault, simply because I had no plans therefore I didn't tell anyone to "save the date." I ended up going to the Renaissance Festival with my mom, dad, and sister. Sounds okay right? Except I dislike the RenFest. Never have liked it, never will. My family loves it though! I just don't get it. You pay a chunk to get there, pay a chunk to get in, and pay another 5 chunks for food and drink. If I wanted to pay to get picked on, I would give James a dollar. I ended up only buying a Mike's Hard Lemonade. Everything else was more money. 

After that was over, we swung into a bar on the way home and had a drink.

Whoo! That was my 21st. Oh well, I had fun being with my family.

So, for my sister's 21st, I wanted to take her on a trip. We had talked about this for about a year. We were thinking warm...beach...palm trees...adventure. 

When I plan a trip, I usually can "sense" when to book it. I am so cheap. I mean CHEAP. We looked at flight prices in Dec/Jan and they were fine. Around $200 for Fort Lauderdale and similar. But what did Ashley do? She waited. She was stubborn. And not smart. I thought "Ha! Watch prices drop when it gets close." The trips I take with Jim in January always drop in price right towards the end... 

Not the case with March. And Spring Break.

Anyways, last I checked (which was a day before our trip!) prices to Fort Lauderdale were in the $800's. Vegas, which is usually in the $100's, was in the $700's. NOTHING was cheap. I mean, we looked in Alabama. Arkansas. Texas. Washington. Virginia. They were all $500+.

I felt like I had ruined her 21st. But she took it well when I told her we wouldnt be flying, or going somewhere tropical. Instead, we were driving to Oklahoma City. 

We had a blast. Honestly, I loved our trip. I don't think we would have had a better time anywhere else. The drive was long, and felt never-ending, but the time we spent in the city was great. There were never-ending things to do, and we all enjoyed our long weekend. 

I will post more about my trip in detail soon! 

This picture is of us at the Myriad Gardens in OKC. It's free to go there, in the center of the city, within walking distance from many hotels in Bricktown, and is a great activity on a nice day. We even ate supper at the Myriad Gardens. There was a small spot called "The Ice House, Nic's Burgers, Shakes, Beers." It is a seasonal place to eat, but they had outdoor tables to eat at, which was nice, so we could overlook the gardens. They sold burgers, shakes, salads, pop... just a nice, simple, inexpensive spot.

There was a dining restaraunt right next to the Ice House called The Park House. The walls are all glass so you, too, can overlook the gardens. We decided that place looked a little too expensive for us, but I would eat there if I were spending a bit more.

There was a spot for kids to play at in Myriad Gardens. There were flowers, ducks, trees, a little waterfall (like in the picture), and sculptures.

I would definitely suggest a walk though this garden if someone were to visit OKC! 

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