Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Garden is In!

*Originally posted 5/12/14*

42 Tomatoes.

20 Cucumbers.

2 Bags White Onions.

7 Dill.

20 Red Onions.

1 Cilantro. 

This is our 2014 garden! It's in! It's started! It's begun!

Jim and I spent about 2 hours or more putting this in yesterday. We tried to be more accurate this year with lining up the rows. Our garden is SMALL but we make it work. 

For our tomato plants, we planted 12 Romas 12 Vita Italians, 6 Big Boys, 6 Parks Whoppers, and 6 4th of Julys. We were PLANNING on only doing 20 tomato plants, but Jim gets a little too excited and carried away at the greenhouse... I tried to tell him "Jim we have too many, slow down!" And he'd say 'One more... and this one, too." 

I, of course, wanted more cucumbers than anything. The more pickles, the better. 

Jim always does his white onions so we did those. He usually only does 1 bag, but again, he got carried away. 

This is our first year growing our own dill. We had a tough time finding any at the grocery store last year, so this year I decided we needed to do our own. 

I also decided we need red onion so I can make plenty of fresh salsa. Plus, who doesn't like red onion?

And, in a pot, I planted 1 cilantro to make salsa with, too. Our garden is all about pickles and salsa!!

We might add some corn on the side of the house. I am all for that! If you can grow it yourself in your garden, it's always the better choice than the store. It's cheaper, gardening is like therapy, and no need to run to the store for something!

I can't wait til we have a farm and a HUGE garden to go with it! 

And I have this week off to work in the garden, and start doing my flower pots. I also plan on cleaning each room, each day. Why do I have a week off? Well my temporary job at the school ended. It's a sad day, cause I would love to just drive to school and sit at my desk, and answer my phone, and see my co-workers. But the gal I was subbing for is better, and now she's back - only she's done on June 30th. She's retiring. Does that make sense? She's coming back to work, only to retire in a month. Then I can re-apply for my old job. Now the question is: Do I just be a stay-at-home housewife for the next month? Or do I apply for another position at the school opening up today? Or do I accept my offer from the local Newspaper for their administrative position that pays $4 less than what I'm used to but sounds like a good job? 


I want my job back, I do. But this other position at the school sounds nice. I would be the Health Tech and I would assist the nurse. And I would start sooner. 

Ugh, I don't even want to think about it anymore. Too stressful! I've got to just put it in God's hands. 

Anyways, I can't wait for more pickles. I ate all of last years jars... and I'm stuck with store-bought. I swear, I'm going to get every cucumber that sprouts!! No tossing any away cause we didn't get to them soon enough. I need those!

And the tomatoes... I want to do more spaghetti sauce, fresh salsa, and maybe some ketchup!! Of course I'll cook with some, too. 

So our summer foods are going to be tomatos and onions and salsa and fish, from fishing all summer like we like to. If I can get my supper myself, I will! That's the best way to have it. 

Well, it's time to spend this rainy day cleaning my storage room. And eating pickles.

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