Saturday, July 25, 2015

Oklahoma City Memorial

 *Orginally wrote 4/8/2014*

Okay, I know I said the dueling piano show was my favorite spot in OK, and it was my favorite entertainment spot. But this. This was the best learning experience I've had yet.

Words cannot describe how emotional this memorial was. I honestly felt like the Oklahoma Bombing had just happened yesterday. I felt like I was there, during it. 

This memorial is put together fantastically (which is great, because it only costs $12/person to go through it.) You start on the 3rd level of the memorial building, on the day the bombing happened, and as you move through the exibit, you move along through that day, April 19th, 1995. 

I read so much. I seen so many clips, and cried with them, too. I thought my mom and sister were right around the corner, ahead of me. Turns out, they were finished after about an hour, and I was only half way through. They had to come back through the exibit to find me! I couldn't help it. I was drawn to the stories I was seeing... hearing. 

This is a MUST on a trip to Oklahoma. Even if you're just driving through, I would make time to stop here. I am so glad I got to experience this in my life, and will go back again someday.

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