Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Last Day Being 23...

*Originally posted 9/11/14*
Well, it's September 10th, 2014, and it's my last day being 23, ever. This will never happen to me again. 23 only comes around once in a person's life, and my turn is over. I have mixed emotions; I am sad 23 is ending and I'm getting a year older, yet I'm happy for all the things that happened to me in the past 365 days.

I mean, I never, EVER would have guessed that I would have already been on my dream vacation - to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Jim and I were looking back at old diaries I wrote, and we found so many "I heart the Virgin Islands" written on the pages. I was obsessed with a place I had never been. "Maybe I'll go on my honeymoon..." I always thought to myself. Well, I didn't have to wait that long. With a notebook and pen in hand, Jim and I were in the living room trying to decide on vacation ideas. We had wrote down so many places, looked into so many flight prices... and then it just kind of happened. We looked into the Virgin Islands. All the islands are different, and I decided on St. Croix because it seemed to have more to do, plus it was more of the "locals" place. And it was the biggest island.
We booked, we packed, we flew, and we landed. I was star struck the entire trip. And it was amazing. We both agree, it was the best place we've ever been.

I also went to Oklahoma City with my sister and mom and had a TOTAL blast. Jim and I took a day trip to my favorite MN town, Lake City. Cocoa, my family dog, died this year. Grandpa moved to Annadale to be in a better facility. The renters moved out of the farmhouse. I rescued 5 kittens, and 3 of them have died - 2 are alive and well at the farm. The best job I will ever have fell into my lap, at the most perfect timing, and I truly think I will never leave the school. I lost 34lbs since June 3, 2014 and I am so happy about it! Involvement in my church was a goal of mine, and I am now volunteering, attending services, running their FB page, and became a Community Club member. Jim and I rocked out at a George Thorogood concert in Mankato. My wisdom teeth were pulled, and it was not as bad as I thought. My kitchen went from sage green to peach. We started looking for homes, and almost had one. Jim got me a cross necklace for Christmas. My friend, Stacy's bachelorette parties was so fun. And I'm sure 1000 more things!

My last birthday, Britt took me to an apple orchard and horseback riding. It was awesome! This year, this weekend, we are going to Duluth! I am so excited. I wanted to get away for a weekend with her, and we are. We're leaving very early Saturday morning, spending the day there, and coming back mid-Sunday. I cannot wait!

Now, how does one end their last day of being 23? Well, so far, I have just been at work. I'm sure I will clean tonight a bit, because I would love a clean house on my birthday :) We'll see what I do to end this 23rd year...
After work, Jim told me to go pick out a cake at DQ. Heath! I brought it home, and even though it's only 55 degrees out, we both had a piece right away :) We were bums up until I had choir at 7:45, which was great! After choir, I came back home and Jim and I watched some TV and went to bed. Exciting, I know!

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