Sunday, July 26, 2015

My First Day Being 24!

*Originally Posted 9/11/14*
Well, it's here - I'm 24.

The day started out great. I got a nice shower, and Jim gave me the rest of my presents. Last night, he gave me 36 packs of tropical Skittles and 1 gallon of pickle spears :) He also gave me this gorgeous Fall bouquet of flowers, with red roses, red carnations, and yellow sunflowers.
This morning, he gave me a $30 gift card to Bath & Body Works, cause he knows I love their Fall scents, and a $50 gift card to Victoria's Secret, cause he knows I need new bras. What a guy! So smart. And I weighed myself and am down to 161.4lbs! Whoo! I can't believe I lost weight, when just 2 weeks ago I was 167 at the doctor... but this past Monday I did run 2.61 miles! The Lord gave me that present today.

Jim left for work and I got ready for work. Great hair day, thank goodness!

I cut the brownies I made for work, and grabbed all I needed for the day. As I opened the door to go out, I dropped the brownies on the deck. In a frustrated moment, I put my water bottle down in a rough manner. That broke. My neighbor, Jake, yells "Having a good birthday?" As he's watching me fail. So I went back in the house, grabbed the Skittles to bring to work, and an old water bottle. I laughed the whole time, and still was in a good mood, despite!

I got to work and immediately we had a fire drill. Whoo! Once back, I put the Skittles in everyone's mailbox. Someone shouted "Who put Skittles in everyone's mailbox?" I coyly and quietly said, "Me... It's my birthday." Then the entire office surrounded me and sang Happy Birthday and made fun of me for only being 24.

24 is scary to me. When I think of young, party-going, bar-hopping people - I think of the age groups 20-23. When I think of engaged, kids, soon-to-be-married, white picket fences, I think of the age group 24-30. Wow, I am in that group now. And Jim has been super, super nice lately, which leads me to wonder what he is up to tonight. Will I be engaged by the next time I lay my head on my pillow? Tomorrow, when I come into work, will I have a rock on my finger? In the next few months, am I going to be picking out a date? A honeymoon destination? A color theme? A venue? My bridal party? My dress? My hair-do? My vows? Invitations? Save-the-dates? Wedding bands? Decorations? My bachelorette party? Center pieces? Should I do candles and flowers, or seashells and sand?

Am I ready for that? Is anyone truly ready for that? Am I thinking too far ahead of myself? Am I worried for no reason? Can I commit to someone, right now, for the rest of my life? Til my last breath? Boy, that's a big thing.

My day has now turned from exciting birthday, to nervous maybe-proposal. Knowing Jim, he wouldn't do it today, because he would know I might expect it. He told me that tonight we are going to Applebee's. Now, I don't mind Applebee's one bit. Honest. But I wouldn't think that's where he would take me on the night he proposes. Could he be throwing me off? Yes. Am I over-thinking this? YES.

Lord, slow me down. I need your gracious hand to calm my soul and mind.

Back to the day at hand, here, Ashley.

Brittany met up with me for lunch. We did exactly what I wanted - sit in a parking lot eating Casey's Pineapple Pizza and root beer. Does she know me or what? We talked about the upcoming trip to Duluth, and about our fellas, and her work, my work... She truly is the best. I love her. And she never fails to get me a sweet treat, like chewy Sweet-tarts. Smart girl.

After work, my mom, dad, Jim, and I went to Olive's in Mankato. My favorite restaurant is Massad's, a Mediterranean grill. Well, the owners of Massad's also own Olive's and it was meant to be. The dinner was fabulous. I got my regular chicken schwarma that I always get at Massad's. I even met the owner, and got raspberry cheesecake for a treat!

My birthday was amazing. 24 is starting out well! 

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