Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Favorites

*Originallt posted 6/12/14*
Today, I woke up and read the news. There are so many sad things going on in the world right now, and they affect me deeply. I hate to hear sad things, and that's all I've been hearing about lately. There are so many negative and bad people in the world, and it makes me want to fight harder to show my positivity to others, and maybe make some kind of difference. I hope my children are also positive people, and can be the "bright light" in every room and place they are in.

Anyways, with all this sad stuff going on, I thought I would do something fun. I recently found my journals from when I was younger, and it seems like I always liked to update my "favorites" list. So, as I have not done it in years, it's time to catch up. 
First, I'll write what my favorites were on April 13th, 2005:

Color: Orange
Food: Strawberries
Animal: Dog
Sport: Basbeball and Hockey and B-ball, and Soccer
Show: That 70's Show, Extreme 4x4
Movie: Twister, Austin Power's Movies, Grind, The Notebook
Drink: 1919 or IBC Root Beer, Coca-Cola, Red Bull
Car: 1969 Black Mustang with Boss Hemi, Chevy
Activity: Playing Pool
Girl Name: Miranda Jo
Boy Name: Jake Thomas, Tyler Thomas
Holiday: 4th of July
Season: Spring
Song: You Shook Me All Night Long - ACDC
Singer: ACDC
Candy: Spree's, Snickers Cruncher
Crush: Tom
Subject: Recess, Lunch, PE, and English
Worst Subject: Umm none
Month: Sept., April

All I have to say about those answers is... wow. I was 14 and my favorite band was ACDC? And Recess and Lunch are not subjects. And what the heck is Extreme 4x4? By the way, I can't stand Austin Power's, today. 
ANYWAYS. Here is my 23-year-old, updated, new favorites.

Color: Yellow
Food: Anything Italian
Animal: All nice animals that don't hurt me, or go in my garden
Sport: Baseball
Show: I am currently watching too many shows, and I can't wait to kick my TV habit, but I would say The Bachelorette
Movie: I still love Twister and there is nothing better than The Notebook, but I would have to add Thelma & Louise
Drink: WATER. I don't drink pop anymore, especially not Coca-Cola (yuck) and Red Bull. I do have an occasional Root Beer!
Car: Hmmm, I love my 2009 Pontiac G5, but I adore the new Chevy Cruises or Ford Taurus' or Focus' or really anything that I can fit lots of groceries in and get good gas mileage.
Activity: Gardening, walking with Jack, cooking, and baking
Girl Name: I keep track of names I hear and like in my phone, and it currently says "Lauryn, Carolyn, Loral, Ruthlyn, Edith"
Boy Name: Again, my phone says "Everett, Bennett, Elliot"
Keep in mind, I update this list often. Some days I hate a name, the next day I love it. Indecisive ol' me.
Holiday: Easter
Season: Anything but cold and snow and ice.
Song: I never have just ONE favorite song, but of course I am still in love with Kenny Chesney.
Singer: Kenny Chesney
Candy: This is tough. I would say... Milky Way Simply Caramel. And James loves to treat me with these :)
Crush: James Michael! Heart, heart, heart...
Subject: Cooking, if I can say that that is a subject.
Worst Subject: Cleaning the bathroom.
Month: September
Things have changed a lot since 2005. I was 14 then, and now I'm 23 about-to-be 24. I feel I have changed greatly since, and even a lot in the past 2 years. James has changed me into a better, more mature person, but also I just feel like I am growing up. I was someone else when I first turned 21, and now I am a more confident version of myself. I'm happy, healthy, smart, strong, stubborn, and positive. I have goals and dreams, but am also just fine with where I'm at.

Which is a lot farther from the 2005 version of myself, but hey, that's a part of my past. I've grown since, and am still learning.

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