Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Bissel Powerlifter 1413

*Originally posted 11/2/14*
Ahh, when it rains, it pours.

At least, that's how I'm feeling.

My camera was on the fritz so, after owning it 5 years, I recently purchased a new one.

Then, I was minding my own business, about to do some vacuuming, when another electronic failure occurred. I hit the start knob on my vacuum, she purred right up, but there was a red light blinking on her. I shut her off, and tipped her over to have a look.

I don't really know what I was looking for. I am not a vacuum repair woman. She looked fine to me, so I tipped her back up and turned her on. That's when I noticed her bristles weren't turning. Darn! So I figured she needed a new belt.

Jim! I need your help!

He comes in, like the hero he is, and takes a look. Nope, the belt is just fine. He tips, and he turns, and he peeks, and he gets to the point - she's done for. Her motor is shot.

What?! She isn't even a year old!?

And then I got a tiny lecture about buying things on Ebay... "You get what you pay for," I hear.

We did not want to pay to get her fixed, so we decided it's time to buy a good vacuum. A really nice one, from an actual store. Jim gave me $100 (because I paid for the last one) and told me to choose wisely.

I was planning on going to Wal-Mart to purchase one, and then my mind turned to Ebates. Boy, would it be nice to get some cashback on a vacuum, eh? it is! And so that's what I did. I searched on their website, read many reviews, and chose this beauty for $88.00:
Now, with Ebates, I get 2% cashback for this purchase by going through their website first. I use Ebates on EVERY AND ALL my online purchases. It DOES work!! On initial sign-up of Ebates, they even sent me a $10 gift card. I've been getting checks in the mail since! I even used that gift card on this vacuum purchase. So that brought me down to $78. Then I had $1 on another gift card, bringing me down to $77. After shipping, I ended up being charged $83.11 for this high-rated vacuum. If I did my math right, I should be getting around $1.76 cashback, too! Score!! (Every little bit counts!)

Let's hope all the high reviews on this vacuum were right!

*5/19/16 Update*
So, this vacuum did wonders for the first year.
As of today, I have had months of struggles with her. She just isn't sucking up junk the way she should be. Maybe I've been too rough on her, so it is my intention to give her a good bath & an Ashley-repair session soon. I should also order some new filters for the gal, as I have not replaced them yet. Here's hoping... 

It's funny how I thought $88.00 was paying a high price for a vacuum. 

Not even close!

Oh, how much you learn in a matter of 2 short years. 

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