Monday, July 27, 2015

Florida Keys 2015, Day 2

This is regarding the trip we took to the Florida Keys in January, 2015.

Full Day # 2 was a day of getting to Key West. The feeling you get when you hit your first key is awesome - you know you're on your way! We made little stops along the way, here & there, & we recommend you take your time heading down.
Shell World!

We stopped and ate at The Island Fish Co. in Marathon, FL. We are just on a roll of good luck on this trip & this place was no exception - we loved it! We HIGHLY recommend the smoked dolphin dip. Jim totally thought we were eating an actual dolphin, but there is a fish called a dolphin fish, and that's what we were munching on. 

And now it was time. The time I had been waiting for since I first looked into the Keys for our vacation destination. It was time to see The Turtle Hospital of Marathon!!!!! 

This hospital rescues sick & injured turtles & nurses them back to health. Most get released back into the water. Some never fully get back to their prime, so they become permanent residents of the hospital, for their own safety. 
I could not wait to get to this place, & it turned out to be a huge highlight of my trip. I just loved learning about the turtles, & it makes you realize the damage that humans are causing to this planet. They showed us the entire stomach contents of a baby turtle & boy, was it sad. So many little chunks of plastic & wire... And so many turtles eat plastic bags that are floating on the water because they think they are jelly fish. These turtles get really sick from consuming all this garbage & they either get lucky & are saved so they can get back to health, or they die. So, on that note, don't litter & try to avoid using plastic bags, k thanks!
I love looking back at these pictures, & I cannot wait to get back to that hospital someday. 
Just Rescued

Getting better so they can be released back into the wild!

600+lb turtle

Tiny baby turtle, no bigger than my palm

A friend of the turtles

Gotta love the drive to Key West, with all the BRIDGE!

We finally made it to KEY WEST! We used our GPS to find our place we were staying at. We stayed with Henry on Seminary St. and we found him on, which we HIGHLY recommend! We love using Airbnb because we get better deals, a more local feel, & we usually make friends with the owners! Henry wasn't in the area when we were there, but we loved the place. It was just what we needed! Plus, it came with free usage of bikes which, we learned, was a super duper wuper schluper BONUS. Bikes rule in Key West & we kept the car parked nearly the entire 3 days we were there. We used the bikes to go anywhere!
Our place! Right next door was Henry's other 2 rentals, which we did not see or hear these people at all but they did have a friendly window kitty! This place was very private from other homes.

First walking in

Jim got his own bed, I got my own! Which was nice, because Jim gets really hot in tropical settings.

Checking out our mode of transportation in Key West!

So happy with our choice!
Okay, we had had our fill of checking out the new place & it was time to see DUVAL STREET! We biked down & used the lock & key that Henry included to lock our bikes to either a tree or a bike rack, which there are PLENTY of in downtown Key West. This was a Wednesday, and we wanted to stay in Key West on a slower day like Wednesday, and some busier days like Thursday & Friday. We explored a bit that night...

World's Smallest Bar, which we never made it into to have a drink!

Eating at Jack Flat's - good food & great service!
We roamed the streets that night & biked around a bit, but we were ready for bed at around 10! 

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