Sunday, July 26, 2015

First Cucumber Harvest

Well, here I am.

I haven't wrote in awhile, which is totally my fault. I just kind of stepped away from writing for a bit. Please forgive me.

Last week, I plucked a few cucumbers from the vines in our garden and yesterday I plucked a few more. Let the canning season begin!

Last year, whatever recipe we used (I think we just wung it) did not work. The pickles were bland & didn't taste well at all. So this year, I tried a new recipe. At this time, I had enough cucumbers to can 3 of my quart jars.

Here is the recipe I used:
Don't be like me & rush through this process. It's going to take some time, but you'll feel so accomplished in the end. By rushing, you might miss adding the proper amount of salt like I did. I ended up finishing the whole thing, only to notice I added 1 tbs of salt, not 1/4 cup. I had to re-open my jars, add salt, & re-boil. I still might not have added enough salt. Who knows how this batch will turn out now. FIngers crossed, that all will be fine. 
We will be canning more cukes later on in the season, so I will label these with the dates & mark with a color maybe, to reference which recipe we used to make these 3 jars. I will also have to make note on the salt incident, so I know that these had an oops moment in the making. We're still trying to find the *perfect* dill pickle recipe, so we will be trying out a few this year. I hope to get a batch of Sun Pickles in! But I'm happy with the way these look...

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